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Cargille Laboratories develops and manufactures technical products for a variety of laboratories. Some are simple but necessary answers to common laboratory needs, while others are highly technical, meeting the exacting demands of laboratories worldwide for high accuracy, reliability, and precision quality control.

Cargille Laboratories is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Optical Liquids, ranging from our Microscope Immersion Oils and Refractive Index Matching Liquids to our custom blended Index Matching Immersion and Laser Liquids. There are hundreds of possible applications for our liquids.

Besides our Index Matching Liquids, Cargille Laboratories carries density standards, viscosity tubes, sample storage containers, reference materials, mounting media, optical gels, and other scientific and laboratory specialties.

Product List and Brief Description

[ Microscope Immersion Oil ] - Cargille Immersion Oils for use with microscope immersion oil objectives.

[ Refractive Index Liquids ] - Off the shelf Cargille Refractive Index Matching Liquids from nD = 1.300 - 2.110.

[ Brix Liquids ] - For calibration of brix refractometers.

[ Master Calibration Liquids ] - Liquids for calibrating highly accurate temperature controlled refractometers.

[ Refractive Index Certified Water ] - Used as a calibration liquid for refractometers.

[ Immersion Liquids ] - Custom blended refractive index matching liquids for optical coupling and other applications.

[ Laser Liquids ] - Custom blended refractive index matching liquids for optical coupling and other applications.

[ Specialized Optical Liquids ] - Liquids specifically designed to match Fused Silica, BK 7 Glass, and Acrylic.

[ Optical Gels ] - Refractive index matching gels for optical coupling applications.

[ Sub-Lux Gels ] - Black index matching gels used to reduce and eliminate ghost images.

[ Multi Temperature Calibration Liquid ] - A liquid designed for use with GRIM or similar systems. The liquid has been read at temperatures ranging from 20 to 70 °C

[ Meltmount ] - Index matching thermoplastics used microscope slide mounting and optical coupling applications.

[ Gem Refractometer Liquid ] - High refractive index liquid primarily used with gem refractometers as a contact liquid.

[ Density Standards ] - Custom made liquid and solid density standards.

[ Viscosity Tubes ] - Viscosity Tubes for use with the rising bubble technique.

[ Glass Test Tubes ] - Economically priced graduated glass test tubes.

[ Microbeakers ] - Glass beakers for processing micro-samples.

[ Boiling Stones ] - Excellent catalsts and reagent carriers for analytical procedures and production processes.

[ Reference Standards ] - Precision ground glass and mineral sets.

[ Wood Stirring Rods ]

[ Sample Storage ] - Large line of boxes and sets for sample storage.

[ Microslide File ] - Storage box for microscope slides.

[ Tissue Files ] - Histological embedment block cataloging and storage system.

[ Vacutainer Boxes ] - Boxes suitable for incubator, refrigerator, deep-freeze, and controlled atmosphere applications.

[ Plastic Boxes ] - Economically priced polystyrene plastic boxes.

[ Disposables ] - Paper and plastic graduated beakers.

[ Boric Acid Tablets ]

[ Urine Stabilizers ] - Cult-Ur and Stabilur Tablets used for stabilizing urine for delayed testing.

[ Albumin Standards ] - For Quantitative Albumin in using the Kingsbury-Clark Standards.

Feel free to browse our site. We welcome all comments and questions and respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm prices.
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