About Cargille

About Us

Since 1924, Cargille Laboratories has been providing specialized services to a broad range of laboratory sciences. Cargille develops and manufactures optical liquids calibrated for refractive indices for use throughout the many laboratory disciplines involving microscopy and optics. Advances for the microscopy field continually develop from Cargille Laboratories’ research.

Cargille has also consistently led in the development and standardization of immersion oils for over 50 years. Cargille Immersion Oils meet or exceed the ISO 8036-1 Standard, and in fact, Cargille served as a member of the U.S. delegation to the International Standards Organization and helped write the ISO specifications for immersion oils in conjunction with microscope manufacturers, experts, and users worldwide.

Other major products which Cargille concentrates on include highly stable Laser Liquids, mounting medias, optical gels, fused silica matching liquids, comminuted optical glass & mineralogical reference standards, viscosity tubes, disposable beakers, Sink-Floats®, Heavy Liquids, and other scientific and laboratory specialties.

The People of Cargille Laboratories

William Sacher: President & Technical Director
Thallys Goncalves: Research and Development
Brent Seugling: Quality Control
Donna Hamersma: Regulatory Compliance & ISO Representative
Cheryl Hosler: Controller