About Urine Stabilizers

Cult-Ur™ Tablets (Mercury-Free)

Stabilize Urine Specimens For Delayed Laboratory Examination of Urine

Maintains Bacterial Viability at Room Temperature Up to 72 Hrs.

  • Eliminates refrigeration of urine culture specimens during storage or transit.*
  • Prevents over-growth of U.T.I. bacteria in specimen.

Maintains Normal Growth and Chemical ID Characters of U.T.I. Bacteria

  • Culture and Subculture growth characteristics are not altered.*

Minimizes Growth of Patient Introduced Contaminants

  • Accidentally introduced contaminants won’t confuse results because levels are maintained for at least 24 hrs.
  • False positives are virtually eliminated reducing the need for a second sample, and preventing needless patient anxiety.

Convenient To Use

  • No messy or strong smelling liquids to dispense into tubes

The Cult-Ur™ Tablets are formulated for effective bacteriostatic action without altering the viability of typical urinary tract bacteria for culture and identification (no fluorides).

Stabilur® Tablets

Stabilize Urine Specimens For Delayed Laboratory Microscopic Examination of Urine Sediment

Maintains* Red and White Blood Cells in Original Condition

  • Prevents the usual rapid lysis of leukocytes to assure accurate confirmation of this key indicator of urinary tract infection.1
  • Permits accurate counting and estimation of erythrocytes

Maintains* the Morphology of Typical Formed Elements in Urine Sediment Such as Casts, Crystals and Mucous Threads

  • Morphology and staining characteristics of casts and cells are retained in original condition.
  • Tablet dissolves completely and does not contribute any crystals to the sediment.2

* Protects unrefrigerated specimens circa three days.

Maintains* Most Urine Dipstick Chemistries

  • Maintains most chemical constituents in urine for retesting by dipstick chemistry by preventing bacterial decomposition.
  • Does not interfere with enzyme based dipstick chemistry tests, i.e. leukocyte esterase.3

At recommended levels urine pH is buffered to just under neutral, and specific gravity is raised 0.002.

*Maintains Other Chemistry Assay Components

  • Does not interfere with certain TLC and RIA methods for assay of physiological marker compounds and drugs and their metabolytes.

More Info

The Stabilur® tablets contain a proprietary mixture of buffering and osmolality adjustment ingredients, plus agents which produce a minute quantity of several bacteriostatic chemicals sufficient to prevent bacterial degradation of urine constituents, without interfering with most analyses. Shelf life is 5 years from date of purchase.

  1. Depending on osmolality and pH of the urine, up to 90% of unstabilized leukocytes are lysed in as little as 2.5 hours at elevated room temperature. Even at 4 degrees C, 50% may be lost in that time.
  2. Wait until the tablet has completely dissolved before centrifuging the sample (approx. 30 min. +).
  3. Validated on Ames (Division of Miles Laboratories) and Boehringer Manheim chemistry dipsticks: November, 1986.
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