Characteristics: Sterilizable borosilicate glass; ground edges (0.5ml to 7.5ml capacities, 7mm to 25mm heights, 12mm, 21mm, 25mm diameters); precision-matched inside diameter for controlled surface area exposures.

Applications: Use for processing micro-samples; for visual or microscopic examination; microchemical analysis and tests, micro-sample weighing, sample collection, and storage; micro-bell jars; liquid evaporations; bacterial growth; tissue staining; histological studies; sample embedding; color comparisons of paints, pigments, and dyes; iodine number deteriorations.

Microbeaker – 0.5 ml

Cat #: 26070
Capacity (ml): 0.5
OD (mm): 12
Height (mm): 7
Glass Type: Borosilicate

Microbeaker – 1 ml

Cat #: 26130
Capacity (ml): 1
OD (mm): 12
Height (mm): 13
Glass Type: Borosilicate

Microbeaker – 2.5 ml

Cat #: 26330
Capacity (ml): 2.5
OD (mm): 21
Height (mm): 13
Glass Type: Borosilicate

Microbeaker – 5 ml

Cat #: 26590
Capacity (ml): 5
OD (mm): 25
Height (mm): 19
Glass Type: Borosilicate

Microbeaker – 7.5 ml

Cat #: 26650
Capacity (ml): 7.5
OD (mm): 25
Height (mm): 25
Glass Type: Borosilicate

Cargille will manufacture non-standard height and precision-matched inside dimension Microbeakers for specialized requirements.

Custom Microbeakers – Precision Matched Diameters

Cat #: 26700
Code: 7mm or 13 mm height avail.
OD: 12mm
Glass Type: Borosilicate

Precision-Matched Diameters – close tolerance, matched inside diameters to within ±0.05mm. Available only in 12mm O.D. Select 7mm or 13mm height.

Custom Microbeakers – Special Heights

Cat #: 26800
Code: To your specifications
OD: Standard
Glass Type: Borosilicate

Price: $46.50 per order additional

Available in the standard diameter sizes only. Specify height when ordering.

Brushed aluminum (annodized) racks hold six microbeakers in unique, stepped “see-through” holes for illuminated and microscopic observation of samples.

Microbeaker Holders

Cat #: 26000
OD: 12mm
Dimensions: 6-1/8″ x 1″ x 1/4″

Microbeakers not included




Microbeaker Holder

Cat #: 26010
OD: 21mm, 25mm
Dimensions: 9″ x 1-1/2″ x 1/4″, 9″ x 1-1/2″ x 1/4″

Microbeakers not included