About Custom Blended Liquids

Contact us prior to placing an order for Custom Blended Liquids. Our technicians can review your needs and help you determine which Cargille Liquid is most suited to your application as well as provide you with optical and physical properties for virtually every Cargille Liquid.

To inquire please fill out our questionnaire.

In addition, we ask that you contact us before placing an order to verify the refractive index and proper liquid. Please note that based on the refractive index values of raw materials when they are received, ranges for these liquids may vary from batch to batch.

Standard Immersion Liquids

Immersion Liquid formulations are similar to Refractive Index Liquids Standards but are generally less expensive. They are custom blended at 589.3 nm and 25°C to an accuracy of ±0.0005 in the range of nD 1.293 – 1.700. Deviations from the standard specifications are available for changes in wavelength, temperature, and accuracy at an additional cost.


  • Detect striae in glass
  • Index Matching and Optical Coupling (will prevent reflection loss at the interface between two solids, lenses, or fibers)
  • Polariscopic immersion technique

Immersion Liquid Specials

Immersion Liquid Specials have different formulas from the Standard Immersion Liquids and have special optical or physical properties which make them better for certain applications. They are custom blended at 589.3 nm at 25°C to an accuracy of ±0.0005 in the range of nD 1.4520 – 1.656. Custom changes are available in the same fashion as the regular Immersion Liquids.


  1. Fill hollow prisms
  2. Make optical connections
  3. Match BK-7, Fused Silica, and other glass types
  4. Artistic projects

Immersion Liquid Specials codes 4550, 50350 and 50BN are virtually non-fluorescing oils. Codes OHGL and OHZB are aqueous solutions (less stable than oil based liquids). All of the Immersion Liquid Specials are colorless except for code 50BN, which has a slight yellow tint.

Please contact us for more details.

Laser Liquids

Custom blended optical liquids formulated to your desired specifications of refractive index, wavelength, and temperature for use with lasers and in other specialty optical applications. Laser Liquids are also used as custom blended refractometer calibration fluids.

Cargille Laser Liquids are normally blended at 589.3 nm and 25°C to a tolerance of ±0.0002. Variations for wavelength, temperature and tolerance are available.

Laser Liquids are:

  • Excellent for most optical coupling and refractive index matching applications
  • Optically characterized at laser and other wavelengths
  • Extremely stable
  • Highly transparent
  • Extremely low in toxicity
  • Most inert when compared to any other liquid group with the same refractive index
  • Compatible with most plastics, metals, and rubbers

Two liquids, codes 433 and 3421, have unusually high transmittance in the UV above 240 nm and in the IR below 2500 nm.

Liquids between 1.293 – 1.578 are colorless and color stable in direct sunlight.